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Simple maintenance of air pump

 In order to prolong the service life of the pump, to reduce the risk of equipment malfunction in the operation, many enterprise attaches great importance to this kind of equipment maintenance and maintenance. When a device in a flow decrease or bigger noise and temperature rise, you can

    To the simple maintenance of equipment, you just need to operators of equipment for processing.

    When the pump is running in the flux is lower, can stop running equipment first, cut off the power at the same time, and then to check the equipment of the air inlet whether there is something blocking, if there is something blocking causes flow down. This type of problem to deal with the after,

    Can be plugged in, then open the equipment, check to see if the equipment can run normally.

    If the pump is running in the noise is too big, may be the pump with sundry, sundry goods and equipment caused by the friction between abnormal sound. Or, it could also be stuck impeller, the impeller jammed, can be directly into the impeller

    Line processing, can be the device back to normal. If after processing, not only did not reduce noise, but somewhat larger, it is possible that bearing damage, can contact the manufacturer directly, change the new bearing.

    When the pump temperature increase in the use, first check whether there is foreign body congestion, and then open the screen pack, will clean up debris, and then a simple maintenance of equipment.

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