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The working principle of the vacuum pump

 Hoofar's Vacuum pump is to use a variety of methods in a closed space, improve and maintain a vacuum device. Vacuum pump can be defined as: the use of machinery, physics, chemistry or physical chemistry method to extraction is pumped container and get the vacuum device or equipment. With the development of vacuum applications, the types of vacuum pump has been developed a lot of kinds, the pumping speed rose from a fraction of a second to hundreds of thousands, millions of litres per second. According to the working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be basically divided into two types, namely gas transmission pump and gas trapping pump. As vacuum application technology in the field of production and scientific research to the requirements of the application scope of the pressure is more and more wide, mostly need consists of several common after extraction of vacuum pump vacuum extraction system can meet the requirements of production and scientific research process, because the vacuum application department involved in the work pressure range is very wide, so any one type of vacuum pump could not fully apply to all working pressure range, can only work according to the different pressure range and different work requirements, using different types of vacuum pump. In order to easy to use, and a variety of vacuum process need, sometimes all of them will be vacuum pump according to the performance requirements, with unit type application.

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